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    Morning! How can I allow shortcodes in the iFrame portion of the “Featured Media” section.

    I’ve tried to figure this out on my own for hours and hours using 1 of the 3 codes below bu obviously I’m missing something specific to make this happen.

    Codes I’ve used:

    – <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[shortcode_here]’);?>

    – echo do_shortcode(‘[shortcode_here]’);

    – add_filter(‘xxxx_tried_multiple_things_here’, ‘do_shortcode’);

    Screenshot Ref @


    I no longer need this adjustment for what I was doing. I got what I needed from Ismael

    @ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Now that I can use dynamic templates on single portfolio pages I can add the “text area” element in the “template builder” and in the text area I can add my shortcode ;)

    However, can I still put shortcodes in the Featured Media section? I would like to know. If so I have another idea that I can use this change for.




    I doubt if you can use PHP or shortcodes on that area. Let me tag the rest of the support team to help us out.




    Hey, actually I don’t need to try this anymore. It just hit me on how to accomplish what I need through dynamic templates.

    Initially I wanted to run a special page that I could featured it’s slideshow and it’s comments beneath it. But say for instance, I wanted to pull that particular slideshow and it’s comments and display that set up on the home page amongst other home page elements.

    But it just hit me thinking more about it. I can create a dynamic template with the “slideshow element” from that particular page, and then create the “post/page content element” feeding content from that same page beneath that slideshow. This will accomplish what I need.

    Appreciate your help…



    Yes, that’s a good strategy. You can have multiple ‘support pages’ for each page whose sole function is to be cannibalized by the main page. This way you can have multiple slideshows, area of content within a single page.

    Another useful trick is that you have the ability to have your portfolio items automatically redirect to woocommerce products, blog posts, pages, or outside url’s instead of going to the portfolio-item page. So the end user will just see the thumbnails with the automatic sorting and after clicking one they taken anywhere you want them to go.

    Benefit here is that you can create sortable mini-shops or mini-displays of products with portfolio sort functionality. To have that , when you add portfolio items, only add the image, and in the image options you will see 5 options of where you want the portfolio thumbnail to redirect the end user to.



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