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    I’ve had our site up for a couple of weeks now and everything has worked fine. This morning I pulled up our page and when I tried to watch our videos all the vimeo videos showed “sorry this video does not exist”… Of course, first thing I did was go to Vimeo to see if they had been erased somehow, but they are all still there. I watched them just to make sure. I even re-copied the links and updated the site on a few but that didn’t work… Any ideas??



    Can you post the site URL?

    No idea why Vimeo links would stop working unless the links have changed on Vimeo?




    Vimeo just recently launched a new player. All of our videos stopped working as well and we had to repost them all. It was agrivating, but hopefully the new video player is worth it.


    I had the same problem. All my video links don’t work with the resize link on the end of the url. I had to go into all my vimeo urls and erase the resize links on the end of the urls. Is there a way to modify the lighbox stuff or the theme so we can still have the resize option for vimeo videos? Works fine for the Youtube videos, but I can’t resize the vimeo videos. They look so much better when I can make them bigger, they only work on the default size which is very small.

    I went and checked out your clean cut theme on your portfolio page.. and I clicked on your vimeo video portfolio example and it’s doing the same thing.


    Yea, it’s doing the same thing for us. To be honest, it sucks. I’ve been looking all over Vimeo and other forums and will post something here when I find out an answer. Also, I noticed that your videos won’t go fullscreen either. That annoys me more than anything. I’ll deal with the smaller video popping up, but I want my viewers to be able to easily go to full screen.

    Please post here if you find a solution, and I’ll do the same. Thanks.



    Ok, this seems to be a big with Vimeo changing things, not a theme issue.

    I’m surprised they didn’t rewrite references to old links though. :(

    Best regards,



    I’m still getting the “Sorry this video does not exist”

    What do I do so the video shows up? This is the video I am trying to add

    And I am using the method stated in the documentation.


    Glad that you solved your problem.

    The Dude


    I am having the same problem on my website. It has worked perfectly for me the past year then suddenly it is giving me the error “This video does not exist”. I cannot upload any of my new videos using the lightbox feature anymore. What can I do?

    Look under portfolio – The Shumaker Wedding



    Please try to update your theme to verson: 1.2.1. You’re using version 1.0 at the moment.

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