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    I use pretty much “default” front-page, but somehow about 2 weeks ago all “portfolio thumbnails” stop showing themselves on the front-page.

    As you can see, under the text line “Our portfolio speaks louder than words” there is actually our portfolio items. They are correct. And they are clickable. But no thumbnails at all. There were there before, and after some time they just disappeared.

    And in the same time, on the portfolio page itself ( ) everything is displayed correctly.

    Any clues?




    PS: Almost forgot, but yeaf, the “front-page” which i was talking about, is of course this one:

    And the “missed” portfolio is at the lower part of the page (as in the default Corona style)




    the images are not part of the source code which indicates that it’s not a css or js problem but php related. Try to upload all theme files again – maybe a custom mod causes the error. If this doesn’t help deactivate all plugins and check if the images appear again.


    MMm… a little bit of correction here. Can you please tell what did you mean by phrase “upload all theme files again” ?

    You mean deacrivate Theme in “Appearance”, and fully re-install whole theme? Or how exactly should i re-upload the files?



    PS: I did try to kill all the installed Plugins. And nothing changed when i “Deactivate” all plugins. I still see no images. (portfolio thumbnails at the front page).


    I’d use a ftp software like filezilla and upload all theme files into the wp-content/themes/corona theme directory. If this doesn’t help please create me an admin account and send me the login data to: (Email address hidden if logged out)


    I also have the same issue, Is there another way to resolve rather than reloading the theme?


    Ok, so I used filezilla to re-upload the theme, it reset ALL of my custom website templates meaning I have to set everything up again.

    Bad advice.


    And the thumbnails on the home page are still not displaying


    Case closed :)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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