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    First of all I want to say that I like your theme very much.
    However, I do have 1 problem:
    I developed my site on a test environment and after that I moved it with backupbuddy to the new domain.
    At first it seemed to wrk, but s soon as I do one small modification to the settings of the theme no page is working anymore (posts are). F.e. when I change the top banner message only, no page works anymore. I even used the pluging Search and replace, but that didn’t help either.

    Can this be becasue of the theme or should I seek elsewehere for the cause of this problem?

    Thanks in advance



    I think I know what caused the problem: the test site and the production site are in the same database, so I think the copy with backupbuddy went not 100% correct. I will try otherwise, by putting them in a 100% seperate environment and then let you know if it is solved.


    Hi Jos,

    Waiting to hear from you



    Hi Yigit,

    It looks that there is something going wrong because of the theme.
    I did seperate the environments completely and did the clone/copy at first once more with backupbuddy. Same result: it worked fine untill I changed a theme option.
    Then I did the copy the manual way:
    download files via ftp
    download database
    Create new database
    import database
    change wp-options table domain name
    upload files
    upload new wp-config
    search and replace domainnames

    again everything went fine, untill I changed something in the theme options.
    The strange thing is that when I edit a page and click on view, it also gives a 404. But, as said, only for pages, not for posts.

    i am not 100% sure it is theme related, because when I chagne themes (after the problem occurs), the problem persists.
    Pff, already cost me 4 hours of testing…
    Would be very nice if some one could point me in the right direction.



    Did you change the permalink settings? Please refer to this link on how to fix permalink changes.

    Deactivate all plugins.



    Thanks Ismael,

    I have found what caused the problem: it was my most love and one of the best plugins in the world, WordPress SEO plugin from Yoast, my fellow country man…
    After de-activating and re-activating this plugin, everything works fine.

    Stays strange to me that the problem only occurs when I copy the site and then change 1 setting in your theme settings.




    It really is abracadabra:
    I thought it worked now, but everytime I make a change to the theme ti doesn’t work anymore. deactivating and reactivating wordpress seo plugin doesn’t work anymore, but when I deactivate and reactivate all plugins it works again, just untill I make a change again to the theme….

    Just for being sure, I changed the original site (test site) and now there I have the same problem….So, it has nothing to do with copying the site….
    Now I have to fidn out whcih plugin I installed as last.



    Found the cause: it’s the WPML plugin that causes the problems.
    Does your theme doesn’t work well with WPML or do you think I did something wrong with the configuration of the plugin?




    Chips, this is really very frustrating: now it doesn’t work while WPML is deactivated. It’s like the site is haunted.
    I really don’t follow the logisc anymore


    Well, it must be the WPML plugin. After de-activating all plugins and activating them one by one, the error only occurs after I activate the WPML.
    De-activating doesn’t solve the problem at once, but when I de-activate all plugins and activate them all but the WPML, it works



    Can you confirm if Angular theme is not compatible with WPML and if so, if you plan to make it compatible?





    Yes, angular is compatible with WPML.

    Please activate WPML then use this plugin


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