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    This theme is already awesome but let’s see if it will rock my world, here’s my problem:

    I want each blog post (in a given category) on the homepage to show up in the portfolio page (in the same category) as portfolio items as well. I mean, is there a way to link blog posts to portfolio items?

    Here is a use case (it’s a cooking blog):

    – I post a blog post on the front page under breakfast category.

    – That post is pulled by the portfolio page, shows up in the breakfast category and includes all the images inside that blog post.

    Is there a way to do it? Maybe another approach?



    Hi okandemi,

    I suggest you don’t use the blog post on this, instead you just use Portfolio Items and Template Builder. Use the template builder to show your portfolio items on the frontpage or homepage. Then the portfolio items on the Frontpage will just show the image of the food and its corresponding title and when clicked goes to its specific page, showing all of the details of that particular food.

    If you don’t know how to do the things above this video tutorial will surely help:

    and find the video with this title:

    Abundance Theme Demo 6:

    Building improved layouts with the template builder

    Hope this helps. :)




    Ismael thanks for your reply!

    I don’t see any Template builder in Sentence theme. I looked around for an answer out there and it seems template builder is not available in the Sentence theme. Am I correct? Do you have any recommendations?




    You can’t do it like that yet unfortunately. However you can do it backwards so to speak, going from portfolio to a page or a post.For example , if you have 20 blog posts (or pages or a mix of posts and pages) about 20 different breakfasts (for example). You can create 20 portfolio items, each for one breakfast and link the image of the portfolio item breakfast directly to the blog post or page instead of to the portfolio-item page.

    This way , your visitors can sort the portfolio of breakfasts (normal portfolio page) but when they click on image of breakfast they sorted (based on calories, or ingredients … which would be portfolio categories) the visitor after clicking the portfolio list image will be taken not to the portfolio-item page, but to a regular page (or a blog post that deals with that particular portfolio item) .

    To do that, when you add an image of a breakfast to a portfolio item, you open a panel to edit the link This way the portfolio-item page gets bypassed entirely. (see image )




    Nick, thanks for your reply!

    I have done it they way you suggested. I have couple questions:

    1- When you click the image in the portfolio main page, it takes you to the blog page, which is what I want. BUT, if you click to the portfolio title in the portfolio main page, it takes you to the portfolio entry. Is there a way to change that link?

    2- With your approach, I still have to create one blog post and one portfolio page for the same entry (e.g. breakfast meal). In this case, would it be best to leave the portfolio page’s content area empty (considering and hoping you have a solution for the 1st question) for SEO related purposes? As far as I know, it hurts to have two exact content with seperate URLs. And just think about it, everytime I create a post entry, if I will mirror it on a portfolio item as well, will the Search Engines go crazy?

    Thanks again for your time!



    The most simple solution would of course be to remove the title completely and instead use the caption to say whatever it is you want said which will appear as a semi-transparent overlay (whose color, position, animation you should be able to control .. see image from my previous post and experiment)

    If you insist on having a title there it can be pulled out of the database along with the custom url. Do you want to first see if you like the caption option or title with correct url?

    You can either hide the redundant portfolio item page entirely , so that the only thing it containts is just the image and since its listed nowhere on the site, the google spider won’t be able to index it (you can also add no-index meta tag to it).

    It’s a myth that duplicate content hurts a website. It doesn’t. It just gets ignored by google with no penalty. Every day hundeds of AP and Reuters news stories are carried by thousands of websites without rephrasing: yahoo, cnn, fox, abc… etc.. If there was a penalty every news site would be blacklisted,

    Google invented the canonical meta tag which is used on all similar pages of the site to point to the ‘main’ page to let google know that is the same as … you can add that meta tag to individual pages using yoast seo plugin (or some other).

    However you can use the portfolio item page to your advantage. Add unique content to the portfolio item page and use it as a secondary information source that provides additional info about the contents of the post. example : ingredients list and calorie information for the post about a specific breakfast, or review page about it, or…



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