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    I need help with Flagship: one of the reasons I bought it was because of the AJAX effect very nicely done on the demo. Four areas on the home page that slide down when clicked to open the respective page with two arrows for navigation and an x for closing the effect.

    They worked fine in my own demo until a few minutes ago, when the effect no longer worked. Now, when, the page slides down, and when the arrows (back-forward) are pressed, it takes you to the bottom of the page.

    Just in case it was a browser but, I tried them all, with identical results: Chrome, Firefox, IE 8 and 9, Opera.

    Please help, I have to present the mockup to the client in two hours!



    UPDATE: I had placed a calendar on the footer ( 3 col footer). Removing the calendar solved the problem, and AJAX pagination is working now.

    However, there is a bug there, I need to place the calendar in the footer, so my question remains.

    If you need access to the site, just ask and I’ll PM the credentials.




    Hi Daniel,

    Is this a specific calendar widget/plugin? In my quick test adding the default widget did not effect the AJAX of the portfolio element at all.




    Hello Devin,

    It’s the calendar that you find in the Widgets section. Not a plugin calendar, just the one that comes with the theme.

    Just to confirm, I just went and added the calendar back to the third column in the mockup, and the weird behavior started again. I left it there so you can see it, I will take it off just if my client calls to see the site, if not, I will leave it there. Please take a look, and again, if you need to access the server, you’re welcome, just let me know how to send you the credentials.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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