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    hi guys,

    a previous problem with AJAX haven’t been fixed with this new updated :

    link : https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) #post-61670

    description :

    the issue is that after you switch categories in a sortable portfolio, when you click an item, it still opens what was there before the new category was selected.

    example : on a portfolio page:

    you’re viewing all categories, click on item 1 ; you then switch to another category and open item 1 (which is now different) -> it still opens the same portfolio item from before you switched categories.

    after this new Coherence update however, the problem is even more erratic


    Hi radugidei,

    Thanks for reporting the issue! Kriesi has been tagged on it and has been updating pretty regularly so there should be an update to fix it asap (if its not already in the pipes).




    Hi Devin,

    Any word on the Ajax fixes ?

    Kind regards,



    Hi Radu,

    I’ve not received an update on the files since v1.1. Is it still happening when viewing the theme demo site and with all iOS devices?




    yes, there is something seriously wrong with portfolios with AJAX enabled.

    It might be the section that switches content when you select a category, it might happen when you switch categories too quick, it’s unpredictable.

    The only thing you can rely on is that it will fail, every time.

    It happens on all platforms & browsers.


    Thanks for reporting Radu! Appreciate the help!





    I was able to fix a problem regarding double klicking an item to fast, but for the life of me cant reproduce the issue you are describing. I have clicked the last 20 minutes at items randomly to see if there ever opens the wrong one and it simply doesnt happen for me.

    Mind using screenr and upload a short video were you reproduce the issue?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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