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    firstly thank you for that great template !

    I wondered if there were a way to call a music (mp3, ogg…) via ajax on your theme ?

    I saw there is some ajax codes in your template so maybe I could use that to play a track in continuous flow when switching on other pages of my website ?

    Thanks !



    no, this is not easily possible. The ajax function is just used for the portfolio (eg: and click on a portfolio item/entry to see the effect) but you can’t use it to “ajaxify” the entire theme (or tbh you can but it won’t save you time/work). You can try a plugin like: which allows you to resume the music.


    OK, thank you very much for your answer, will try this plugin and see !

    I had a last question :

    I use in one of my page the dragdealer.js to make a nice touch slideshow and, in one of my screen I’ve got a video (included with a HTML5 video tag) as a background that plays on load. This thing is, when I refresh the browser, there’s just a black screen, the video is not loading like the first time I saw the page… It’s a little weird. I use video-js lib as well. Any idea ?

    Have a great day.



    Which page ?




    A classic page with only a “post/page content” tab in its Template Builder.

    I can’t give you the URL because the site is in maintenance mode…

    Here is a part of the code in HTML mode written on the page :

    <div id=”video-loop-wrapper”>

    <div id=”video-loop”>

    <video id=”bg_video” width=”800″ height=”450″ class=”video-js” loop=”loop” preload=”metadata” autoplay=”autoplay” poster=”My_poster_URL”>

    <source src=”My_mp4_URL” type=”video/mp4″ />

    <source src=”My_webm_URL” type=”video/webm” />

    <source src=”My_ogv_URL” type=”video/ogg” />




    Do you think the problem comes from a Myme type issue ?


    Hi Blackthorns,

    Without viewing the page live I’m not sure any of us can give any kind of guess on what might be happening.





    This maintenance mode plugin ( ) has exceptions for those with login/pw , please set it up in order for us to help.




    Hi, the site will be online tomorrow so we could debug that together at this time !

    Thank you very much for your quick feedbacks ;)


    Just post a link once it is live and we’ll take a look then :)


    Hi so here’s my website : and when I was talking about full background videos it was for the cocktails pages such as :

    I found how to autoplay the videos by appending them with javascript and not in post pages. This way, the videos always work.

    Just on Safari, we can just see the poster pic, not the autoplay video loop… Why ?

    Also, when I hover “Our products”>”Gammes Eaux-de-Vie Massenez” or “Gamme Crème et Liqueurs Massenez” on Safari, the CSS3 animation doesn’t work… Would you know why ?



    For the Safari only CSS3 issue, my guess would be the webkit-transition is incorrect for safari specifically. I’m not completely sure but you could try adding in the delay in case safari has a bug with it just set at the default initial or separating them out. Or try setting the starting opacity to 1. I’m not aware specifically of a bug dealing with that either way but with cross browser issues who knows.




    Hi, thx !

    I changed my css like that :

    .safari #ProductWrapper ul.products-rub li#menu-item-3568:hover,

    .safari #ProductWrapper ul.products-rub li#menu-item-3514:hover {-webkit-animation: cremeTranslateX 5s infinite ease-out !important;}

    and it finally worked ! I think there was a bug with the cubic-bezier property…


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