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    I just noticed, that where ever there should be a Gravity Forms port appearing with a short code or the Calendar plugin I use they are displaying at all. the calendar is at there should be a Gravity Forms at the bottom of the post for people to submit articles.

    AJAX is the common denominator between the two plugins…

    Update: with the new theme, AJAX plugins are broken in Safari but not Google Chrome, everything was fine in Safari before the update. Hopefully that will help.



    I could reproduce the Ajax problem with Firefox 5 and reported it to Kriesi.


    Thanks for the notice! A theme update is already in the queue, meanwhile you can fix the problem by updating the js/ajax.js file:

    search for function avia_iframe_fix() and replace it with this function:

    function avia_iframe_fix()
    var iframe = jQuery('.slideshow iframe'),
    youtubeEmbed = jQuery('.slideshow object, .slideshow embed').attr('wmode','opaque'),
    src = iframe.attr('src');

    if(src.indexOf('?') !== -1)
    src += "&wmode=opaque";
    src += "?wmode=opaque";

    iframe.attr('src', src);


    Works perfectly, downloaded the fresh file off theme forest. Thanks for fixing that quickly. The only other thing I see as an issue is being able to use the featured image for Facebook Open Protocol and RSS feeds. Everything else looks good on my installation.

    I hope you develop more modules for the dynamic templates, like commenting and possibly widget areas.

    I wish version numbers were displayed on their download section instead of having to download a whole file to find out. They must piss through a ton of bandwidth because of that.

    Thanks Again,



    Yes that’s right. Envato should offer a notification system….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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