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    Hey Guys!

    Long time no see! I hope, you had a nice start into 2013. :-)

    Two day’s ago I updated my Flashlight. Themeforest says, I updated to 1.9. WordPress point’s out 1.8. So I’m not really shure, what I’ve got.

    That given, there are two problems:

    Firefox (on Win and Linux): Endless loading icon.

    Chrome (Win only): Mini-Content-Area is moved to top-left. You can see it at my homepage:

    Chromium (Linux) seems to work normal.

    WordPress 3.5

    Thank you in advance!


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    It was named wrong, its 1.8

    Sorry not a fix to your problem I know but it answers the 1.8 > 1.9 problem


    Hi Dennis,

    I’m not getting any errors in Chrome but I do see the Firefox issue where it just keeps loading.

    I’d suggest first making sure all your plugins are up to date with 3.5. Then try disabling all of theme and then test everything again.




    Thx xGSTQ! :-)

    @ Devin:

    Oh, you’re right. The Chrome-Issue is not a Flashlight-Issue. It’s a Windows-Bug or -Feature, depends on the point of view. ;-)

    Win7 with Chrome looks good, but Win8 – take a look:

    The Firefox-Problem:

    I’ve done so. I disabled all Plugins and deleted Kriesi’s “Avia Feedback Plugin”, which is unused at this time. But the problem stays the same. Tried it with Firefox on Win8 and Linux. The next try was to change the User-Agent of my browser. Just to make shure, that the custom-function is not that problem. But no solution.



    Ahh I see, Chrome is reading it as a touch interface so you are getting the mobile view (at least that is my guess based on that image).

    I’ll have to tag this for the rest of the support crew as I can see anything that is obviously hanging/not loading.





    Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the Firefox bug. Devin – do you get any js warnings/errors?

    Best regards,




    Here is how your page looks on windows 8 on IE10, FF, and Chrome for me:

    View post on

    Something was endlessly loading on FF (don’t know what…), but for some reason when i installed firebug to look at its cause (new windows8), there was no longer anything endlessly loading, and I couldn’t replicate it again. I will try uninstalling and will compare the flashlight update to previous version.

    I compared the code between the versions. 12 files were updated, but I can’t see what could be the cause of anything endlessly loading on FF.



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