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    I am using Replete. Today I updated WordPress, and the slider stopped working. It’s frozen on the first slide. How can I correct this?

    Thanks very much in advance.



    Please download the latest version of Replete on your themeforest account to fix the issues regarding WP 3.6.




    Thanks. I installed the new version of Replete and it did indeed fix the slider. At the same time, a new list of menu items has appeared at the top of my home page, including:



    Sample Page


    Template Files





    Track your order

    My Account

    Where is that set so that I can change it? I checked Appearance->Menus, but that shows my correct list of menu items.


    Hi VikR,

    Try re-setting your main menu in the menus manager in the dropdown to the top left.




    Can you tell me exactly where to find the menus manager? Is it in Appearance->Menus?


    Yes. Either changing the theme location for the main menu to something else and saving or just re-saving the menu may be able to re-fresh the data.

    I’ve not come across any menu issues with 3.6 yet but the menu manager did change with this update to WordPress.


    I went to Appearance->Menus, and completed deleted my menu structure. However, the anomalous menus are still there at the top of the page, right under the site logo. Where could they be coming from?


    Can I get some support on this please? I need to fix this! :)




    Have you set the menu using the new Manage Locations tab at the very top of the screen?


    VikR. I found a solution. All the extra pages appear to be linked to the shop – woo commerce. I went to each page individually and nominated the ‘shop’ page as the parent page which was not required or maybe done automatically or something before. I hope this helps and I hope this works for both of us. Cheers. Jody


    Hi Devin, I did do that with no good luck, but just posted a solution. Does it seem correct? Will this mess up my woo commerce, it seems to be working fine so far


    This sounds like you have *not* actually set WordPress to use your menu which must be done so that it doesn’t just show all pages in the menu.

    You can go to Appearance>Menus and create a menu. After saving it, go to the top of your screen and click the Manage Locations tab.

    From there, you can select your menu from the dropdown for “Replete Main Menu” and then save again.




    While I have you online Devin, I am all of a sudden having a glitch with the gallery, when I insert images the template ones come up rather than my own. (Sometimes when I go back I get a sad face message saying ‘no data received’) I have two other galleries on the same page which seem to work fine. Anyone else had this problem? I have put in an easy slider for now, but prefer the gallery.


    oh, I am in Enfold, but probably I did do this after reading your post above. I did a few times. Each time I did this and saved it – but still had the same problem. Then I went back again, and it was not showing the menu. So I repeated. Just did that again. And yes, gone back, checked, yes I clicked save, but it still says ‘select a menu’ rather than the main menu I have saved a dozen times now.


    Please make a new topic for a new issue in the Enfold forum. I don’t want the original poster to not have their issue addressed.




    @devin, I’m not yet seeing a Manage Locations tab in the Appearance->Menus screen. I only see an Edit Menus tab. Where is the Manage Locations tab located?


    If you are not on WordPress 3.6 then you don’t have the second tab and will set it from the meta box on the left hand side of the menu. If you are on 3.6 then its at the very top of the menus manager screen.

    See the 3.6 version here: 286smth.png

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