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    I exported my database into an .sql file, created a new database on my server, imported the sql, and uploaded all the corresponding files to the server. Many of the theme elements have reverted to their standard state. All of the social media links point to this domain ( instead of my client’s, which I entered when developing the site locally. In addition to this, the header isn’t displaying the correct logo (it displays the BroadScope logo instead), and the featured images aren’t working either.

    Thanks for your help!




    yes we are aware of the problem. In some cases the database export/import doesn’t work for all theme options/dynamic template data. I reported the issue to Kriesi but I can’t give any ETA for the update.


    Any more details of this problem yet? I need to move my site to a new domain ASAP


    I couldn’t reproduce it on my test servers and I’m not sure if Kriesi could reproduce it. Someone here: reported that the plugin “Backup Buddy” helps you to move all entries (including dynamic templates).


    I am also very interested in a solution to this. Imagine my disappointment when I spent a couple weeks tweaking the site to be exactly how I wanted, go to set it live, and none of my preferences were saved.

    For the record I did an export of my entire database from my local installation (MAMP), AND synced my whole WordPress folder, and none of the preferences went to the live site. It boggles my mind where the disconnect is since I have literally copied the entire database and files to the live site. What mysterious place are you storing these preferences in!?

    Please notify if there is a fix (that is NOT a paid plugin).


    I am having this exact same problem. After a week of massive customizations, I go to upload my site and nothing is saved. Full DB export, full export/import using the built in export/import tools. Nothing. Between the XML and the SQL files, how it is it not saving any settings? even my css files. I was SUPER stoked on this theme, now I am massively disappointed.


    Though in the end I just opened my localhost settings side by side on my 2nd monitor and redid the settings. It didn’t take that long. So sorry if I sounded dick-ish. Great theme, just moving from localhost to live server takes about 15 minutes, but seems like this problem isnt happening to everyone.


    I had the same problem…I menaged to import all posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags with WordPress importer + i uploaded to new server the file: uploads from wp-content, so i got all the media, but i still need to refresh everything page by page. I builded over 50 dynimic templates and nearly 80 pages over last two moths and now i need to redoit again.

    Maybe there is a file that saves all theme settings somewhere so i could upload it to my new server? On the other post they say it’s “avia_options_brightbox_dynamic_pages” table and “theme_mods_brightbox”…but i cannot find those files.



    It depends on the theme you’re using. All data is saved to the sql database only and no additional files are used to backup/save the data.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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