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    I just downloaded and paid for your Enfold theme, now I want to activate it on my already existant WordPress website, but if I want to see the preview version of it, the website is a mess. (Looks like all my pages are pasted on one) And I can’t activate the website like that, do you have any solutions, or tips to start with a clean theme?

    Thank you

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    Hey MusicD,

    Where can we see and reproduce the problem you are having? Please note that it’s likely that you will have to rebuild your site if you switch to Enfold and the built in Layout Builder.

    Best regards,


    Hello Rikard,

    Since I didn’t activate my site with the enfold theme because it’s a mess when I do, I don’t have a link or whatever to show you. So if I understand correctly I have to activate it and then only I can built it with layout builder? Or is there a way that I can pre-built the site without activating it? I don’t want our clients to see an unfinished site.

    Thank you,



    Thanks for the update. You can’t use the Layout Builder unless Enfold is active, that is correct. I would suggest that you create a staging site or local site then transfer it once you are done if you need to develop it in another place.

    I can’t see your screenshot, please upload it somewhere public so that we can view it.

    Best regards,

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