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    On the Main News Page, I use entries with images but also it happends that I do not have any images in the entries. I those cases I want to list out more of the text than two lines, as is default on the entries with image.

    In general I want my posts without picture to use the whole area for text excerpt not only two lines.


    ‘If image

    echo: image, and two lines of text/ excerpt. ( as it is today)

    else if not image in the post

    echo: fill whole area with text.

    end if’

    I will be happy for a while if someone can give me some advise who to accomplish this matter. :)


    Solved this with using the excerpt form in the post admin.


    Hi Toller,

    Why not post your solution here, that way you can help other people with the same question?



    Of course, but I thought I explained it above. :)

    When one uses the form for excerpt, text will fill the entire area automatic. So there was no use for hacking the theme.


    Thanks for sharing!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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