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    Hi there – new to wordpress but plugging along nicely. I have begun to add products to my abundance theme and notice that they do not show up in the order that I’d like and cannot for the life of me, figure out how to change that. Take a look at – There are two products listed – I’d like them to be reversed and I’d like to know how to move products so that they show up in the order I would prefer.



    Hi ryanchris,

    I believe they just show up in the order they were added in as most post feeds do. If you look to the actual catalog page you can use the sorting option at the top right to see that they are, so far, done by date posted.

    As far as I know, the only way to change their default sorting order would be to changed the published dates.




    Can I manually go in and change those dates to get the order we need? Seems strange that I would not be able to insert the products in an order that we would like?

    Thanks for much for your help!



    Yes you can do that. Edit the product, look for the “Publish” metabox at the right then manually edit the Published on: date.




    I have gone in to the product, edited the dates and the products do not change position on our “All Products” page. I tried editing the date so that the “non booted” cables were published first and I also edited the date so that they were published second – the order stayed the same on the All Products page…

    Anything I might have done wrong or should try? We are going to be adding several products to this page so I need to figure out a way to order them to our liking.


    I think I might have been wrong and it sorts by alphabetical. Either way, try adding this to the bottom of your functions.php:

    add_filter('woocommerce_default_catalog_orderby', 'custom_default_catalog_orderby');

    function custom_default_catalog_orderby() {
    return 'date'; // Can also use title and price


    Just to confirm – I can access this functions.php via the editor under Appearances or do I need to go the ftp route?


    I added the code you suggested via the ftp route. Now how do I order the products on my All Products page? What does this extra code allow me to do?


    I was able to order the products using the quick edit option and ranking the product I want first the highest. For example porduct number 1 = 30, product to be placed 2nd = 29….

    So works great!

    Thanks so much!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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