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    is there anybody who made any experiences with the AddOn WooCommerce – Facebook Tab? Great AddOn but I would like to style it “Replete”-Style.,JPCkiNV





    Sorry, I haven’t had a chance yet to use it. I will notify other team members to see if they have tried it out.




    Yes, please try to have a look at it. If you need I could provide the files…



    I checked the code and the plugin uses a custom template (header.php, product-listing.php, product-single.php and footer.php). It’s not easily possible to apply the “Replete” styling to the template – I’m sorry…

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    I found out that you can easily put the complete theme in a Facebook tab by not using “?post_type=product&fbtab” but rather “?post_type=fbtab” See,e9YeYpA#0. I wonder if this is allowed by Facebook guidelines?

    One problem occurs:,e9YeYpA#1. The total sums in the cart are cut off. If you add

    “.cart-collaterals .cart_totals{float:right;width:70%;text-align:right;}”

    to custom css it works… What do you think about it?


    I’m not familiar with the facebook guidelines (tos agreement, etc.). I’d contact the plugin author and ask him if he experienced any problems with third party themes.

    The cart page should be responsive too – maybe the “share your cart” extension causes the issue?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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