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    Many churches have a library where they sell books, card, cds, dvds, ….

    I would like to add and integrate woocommerce plugin in this theme, is that possible ? Do you have a tuto for that ?

    I know the difficulty of doing it is different from theme to theme. What do you think about doing it with Incarnation ?

    Thank you for your help,




    Unfortunately Incarnation does not support WooCommerce at the moment and tbh I doubt that we’ll add WooCommerce support to this theme because Replete: is very similiar. I’ll tag this thread for Kriesi though – maybe he’s interested. You can try other shopping cart plugins like: Simple Paypal Shopping Cart (free), WP eStore, Cart 66 (free lite version), Tribulant Shopping Cart Plugin.


    Thank you for your answer.

    I’m using Replete for a website (I have a post waiting on support by the way…).

    As I work a lot with woocommerce I prefer to stay with that.

    I know I can install on wordpress multisite option a “shop” on or with a woocommerce template and it’s certainly what I will do if making Incarnation woocommerce ready is too difficult or too much work.

    But having Incarnation as a woo theme would be great to keep in the same environment !



    Yes, I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi’s attention.

    Best regards,



    We wont add the support but what you can do if you own replete is to copy the config-woocommerce folder into the incarnation theme and then include the config.php file via php include from your functions.php file (see the replete functions.php file on how it is done)

    This might help a lot in getting incarnation to behave similar to replete, although there are probably a few additional tweaks necessary :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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