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    I have been having some difficulty adding a tumblr link to the sidebar next to the twitter and facebook links. I have tried to follow the instructions in this thread:, but I continue to receive an error message, and my sidebar disappears when I try to make these changes. Any help would be most appreciated.




    I merged Dude’s code into the first answer on this post to make it more clear

    But you can open up the file sidebar.php and find line 79

    **You need to update your theme, current version is 1.7 and you have 1.3. Please go to with the account you made the purchase with and download an update. You will need to use FTP to update the theme which will overwrite all the template files, so if you edited any theme filed , please make a backup first. Otherwise the lines wont match up. I made a video explaining the process if you have modifications you want to save

    and on line 79 (which is empty), please paste this

    echo "<li class='text-sep'>/</li><li class='twitter'><a href='http://YOUR-URL/'>Tumblr</a></li>";

    To make sure you in the right place, line 84 looks like

    echo "	</ul><!-- end social_bookmarks-->";

    Just you will need to change the YOUR-URL to whatever the url you want to display for tumblr, I really don’t use them so not too sure. But if you get stuck, please let us know.




    Thanks for your help, and thank you for letting me know my theme was out of date. I appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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