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    1. How do I add text to my header image. I uploaded the image but I want to add text across the whole page.

    Also can I add more than one image in the header area?

    2. In the posts I tried adding a table and it still displays the text next to each other not stacked or wrapped.

    I added plugins to see if it would help and it didn’t. I also added
    in the html. Nothing is working the text won’t wrap.



    I was able to extend the header, but can you hotspot a header image?

    Also still having trouble with the post text on the first page bunching up. When you click it on a separate pages it’s ok, it’s when it shows on the main page.



    Not sure what is wrong maybe my internet connection is very slow when I checked your site but it is not loading. Let me tag the rest of the support team to help you out this time. Let me get back to you in a moment.




    Can you see my page yet?

    I’m also having trouble with the right side bar, nothing will show. As you can see the calendar is in the footer but I have it in the right side bar front page.


    Ok I just checked it in ie it’s working but not in firefox. How can I fix this newscast templage



    1) You can add whatever you want to the header programmatically, but for now there is no way to do it via the backend.

    2) To create hotspots, here are some general instruction for wordpress, you can easily adapt them to this theme (

    3) I am sorry, I don’t see text bunching up in IE or Chrome.

    4) Your speed is not too bad though a cache plugin, and a few other things will speed you up. You can look here (

    5) Please consider using css buttons (3 in middle: Log In/Register, etc..). To get rid of the outline around each of the three imagess you can add border:none; for their styles.

    6) There are 2 sidebars that I see on the right. One contains three vertical buttons, and the second contains a portrait shaped blue image for ‘Break Loose’




    wordpresstips link doesn’t go anywhere.

    Can I email you an image of what I am talking about regarding the bunching up of text on the front post?

    If not is there a way to limit the amount of lines of text on the frontpage posts?

    Good tip about the buttons, as soon as go daddy gets back up I will try that.

    I realized it’s a sizing issue, when my browser is zoom out the right front page images go to the bottom after the footer, strange.

    On that not, do have a plugin to resize Newcast for mobile devices?



    You can just post the image here , its anonymous, and then please reply with the link.

    The way most people limit text on main page is by including the excerpts of posts (field on bottom of Add New Post) and having …read more.. buttons after the first x number of words. If you go to ( there is a number of free plugins with that type of functionality.

    With CSS, just be careful that you use the button code that is capable of supporting at least IE8, so that it won’t look as pretty in IE as on Chrome or FF, but at least it will look good.

    Sorry, since the theme is not fluid, it has no native support for tablets/phones. However there’s one killer premium plugins to take care of the mobile angle (WPtouch PRO), and some decent free ones as well, please use the link above and search on word-press for mobile plugins.




    I added the image here

    You can see that the text just keeps going. I wanted it to left align and stack.

    Also the register buttons etc are in a side widget, how do I remove the border?



    To remove the border you would need to add css to your image src tag. How are you adding the images to the widget? I see all three image buttons are styled like this:

    <img src="" alt="Log in/Register" title="Log in/Register" style="opacity: 1; visibility: visible; display: block;">

    please change to:

    <img src="" alt="Log in/Register" title="Log in/Register" style="opacity: 1; visibility: visible; display: block; border:none;">

    Regarding the text, please insert


    before the words PLEASE READ.



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