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    Is this a legitimate request or am I thinking about tags in the wrong way?

    I plan to have many portfolios and within each portfolio there may be several characteristics that are standard. Such as “black and white”, “line drawing”, and “abstract”. It would be nice to TAG this portfolio with these characteristics and have them displayed in the Tag Cloud.

    Would this be easy to add to portfolio and custom pages the same way that Blogs are? Is this another wishlist item or am I wrong about this concept (new to the blogging scene and still learning the ropes).



    Hi JaredLui,

    You could potentially add another taxonomy for the Portfolio custom post type but as is, they are set up to be hierarchical. So a line drawing can be in the category Black and white but also abstract and the parent category(ies) might be Styles, Medium and Sketches.

    I can put it in as a future feature request to Kriesi, but if you really want it quickly you can also look into adding the extra taxonomy to the register-portfolio.php

    Here is a good starting point from the WP codex:


    Thanks Devin,

    If you can add it as a request perhaps we’ll see it in a future update/theme. Thanks for the taxonomy tip. I tried that once before and ended up using words I shouldn’t have and it became a mess. I’m not skilled enough yet to try again.




    Sorry it wasn’t an easily solvable issue for you Jared. I’m going to close the topic for now, but the suggestion has been passed on :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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