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    Hi–I followed the instructions in the previous thread about adding additional social media networks–I mean YouTube and Vimeo are not included, but Dribble is?? Anyway, it’s now working. It gives me the pink hover, and the link works correctly, but the icon is not visible, nor does it roll like the others.


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    The url to the image is not valid. You’ve two options:

    1) Insert the code into css/custom.css – then the relative url will work.

    2) Use an absolute url instead:

    .social_bookmarks .instagram {background: transparent url( 0 center  no-repeat;


    Perfect–thank you so much. :D


    Actually…I guess I spoke too soon. It appeared to work by adding the direct url. But sometimes it tries to open the lightbox for the icons. So then I tried the CSS custom route and it’s back to being broken. How can I disable lighbox for these icons?

    Thanks again


    Hi Farrin,

    Typically, I just suggest adding new links right into the header and then you just add the class noLightbox to each. For example:

    <a class="noLightbox" href="">Youtube</a>

    This would be in the header.php file.

    However, if you’ve gone the route from that topic and added in the new options, for the Youtube and Vimeo links you’ll need to use a url obfiscator so that the theme doesn’t automatically try and put them in a lightbox.

    So put the url for your vimeo page and youtube page in here: and then use the shorter url in place on the theme options.




    Thanks much. This seems to be doing the trick. I just added the “noLightbox” class to the whole social links section of the header. It would be nice to open these in a new tab, but I’m happy that it’s working as it is for now.




    Glad we could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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