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    Can you advise on how to add a full slideshow to the top of the page, below or above the main product title (our products are highly visual, customer feedback indicates that full width gallery is a great aid to selling). I could not see any way to do it natively so I was trying to find the correct file containing the product header, to drop in a gallery template tag, but I cannot find the right file… can you advise please? Thanks.



    Create a page then look for “Slideshow Options”, you have 6 sliders to choose from. You can then add the images below the “Featured Media”. You have the option to add captions and call to action buttons.




    I am referring to the products in woocommerce, not standard WP pages and posts. Thanks.



    I see. You can use the template builder and apply it to the shop page. :)




    Bit stuck on this. Have created a template in the builder with a slideshow, have applied this dynamic template to the product page, but how do I actually add images to the product page so that they show up in a slider?


    Can someone confirm that the above method works to add a full width slider at the top of a woocommerce product page?


    All I need is confirmation please, as I cannot get this to function. I need the images for each product (or a seperate set of images) to be full width and placed at the top of the page in slider form. Is there a way to do this without hacking the templates?


    Hello… still awaiting feedback on this. Please confirm that it is possible to add full width sliders on product pages using the builder.



    I’m sorry for the late reply – no it’s not possible without editing/hacking the woocommerce templates. Products do not support dynamic templates because the html structure is quite different.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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