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    Here’s some more random weirdness for you…

    1) after adding the first picture to a slideshow entry, the captions or descriptions didn’t display. I’m thinking great, I wonder what this bug is…but after adding a second picture to the slideshow, the description on the first slideshow picture magically started working…so I consider that one bug.

    2) Then, I notice that after adding pictures to the slideshow for the first time, some of my theme settings were automatically reset such as my homepage text went back to the default text and also my contact page settings were lost and went back to the default. Can’t say if this is a wordpress or theme bug but there’s definitely some unexplained wackiness that needs to be looked into.

    Adding a slideshow entry isn’t rocket science, how could I have done something wrong that resets an admin option??…scary.



    I’ll have a look into this, I’ve been working with the Avisio theme myself and haven’t noticed these errors.

    Will get back to you once I’ve has another play.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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