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    On a sample page I have added a few product listings using the woo commerce shortcodes: [products skus=”foo, bar, baz” orderby=”date” order=”desc”].

    Before I do this the page looks fine. As soon as I add the shortcode the page gets pushed to the left side of the screen.


    The only difference in these 2 pages is the line:

    [products skus=”1001-050p, 1001-100p”]

    As soon is this line is removed the formatting goes back to normal.

    Please advise.


    Hi Tony,

    It looks like this has something to do with one of the plugins you are running. There seems to be a huge block of extra code added in for Facebook OG that is causing issues with the themes formatting.

    Try disabling the additional plugins and see if the issue is resolved. You might need to find another plugin to use for those additional features or alter the plugin code to integrate better with the theme.




    Hey! I have added some styles to the latest version that should prevent the shortcode from messing up the layout if inserted correctly. Unfortunately I couldnt reproduce the issue you were having but maybe thats an issue that was fixed with the latest version of woocommerce or abundance, so once the theme update is live (announced on twitter/facebook) please update and check if it works again.

    Please also make sure that the shortcode is on its own line in the editor and not wrapped by any tags (like headings)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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