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    Hi Guys,

    some more cross browser compatibility stuff:

    Responsive does not work in IE 6,7,8. But if you search for respond.js on google and use this script responsive works well across ie browsers.

    Eunoia portfolios and top menu do not work in IE6 HOWEVER if you use scripts from the following: you can get it to display a rough version of the site.

    I found best results were using the IE9 version of the script

    Now my question:

    in light of the folio not working at all in IE6. I would like to add some conditional formatting to display my sitemap on the home page. In order to do this. I need to add some IF LE IE7 rules to the page template. This way the site can still be navigated. Where are the templates stored and is this possible?





    Eunoia is only compatible with IE8 above. We can’t give you any support for IE7 or lower issues.

    You can add the IE conditionals on header.php.




    I’m not asking for support directly for IE7 If I re-word the question:

    I would like to add some conditional HTML to the home page in between two of the elements (because it doesnt work in IE7, but that is not the point). The homepage layout was built using the Template builder.

    Where is the template builder output stored so I can insert some code?



    You can start with these files.


    includes > helper-template-dynamic.php




    Thanks :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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