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    I noticed that Instagram is not one of social media accounts that can be featured in the social media mini icon links at the right-hand side of the theme pages. (The ones that stay fixed to the right-hand side of the browser even if you scroll up/down the page).

    Is it possible to include the Instagram icon to these social media mini icons? How would this be done?



    Hello KaraN2my, AFAIK the icons are a custom font hardcoded into the theme. I want to add a custom icon too but I’d like for support to tell us what would be the best practice to do so.



    I think you are confusing Enfold with Replete. Enfold has the glyphs while Replete has the icons. So. To add a new social media icon

    1) find your icon (google image search)

    2) Look in your theme /images/icon folder to find the current social media icons which are 42×84 pixels and.. well i made a mockup for you, not the best , but i am sure you can find something or spend a couple of minutes making it, just download this image and use it for now.

    2) upload the image/icon in Admin > Media > Add New. Make sure to copy the URL where the image you uploaded is located.

    3) open up /includes/admin/register-admin-options.php and find line 110 which looks like

    'LinkedIn' 	=> 'linkedin',

    and replace it with these two lines

    'Instagram'  => 'instagram',
    'LinkedIn' => 'linkedin',

    Now add this css to /css/custom.css or to Replete > Theme Options > Styles .. the text area at the bottom of that page. Now from step 1 you should have the URL where you uploaded the image that looks like (somethinglike this),. paste it into the code below where it says ADD URL HERE

    .social_bookmarks_instagram a{
    background: transparent url(ADD URL HERE) center 0px no-repeat;
    .social_bookmarks_instagram:hover a, body .social_bookmarks_instagram .css_3_hover {
    background-position: center -43px;

    Its quite easy. Please let us know how it went.




    Yeah sorry about it, but this appeared when I was browsing Enfold´s sub forum, I don’t know why.


    Hi Hammerbyg,

    Do you want to add the instagram icons on enfold?

    Follow this link



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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