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    If I wanted to add a new font for the Display theme, what do I need to do in order to do this??



    You can use this plugin

    If you’re comfortable editing your theme files, then you’d put the <link> tag into your header.php file (just below the opening <head> tag) and then call the font within your CSS file, following Google Fonts’ example.

    You can probably test this also.

    Please refer to this link for more info.




    I understand all that, but do I create a folder called “font” in the display directory or where?? it does not give specifics on that…



    Yes, you need to create a font folder then call that font on your header.php then call it again on your CSS file. It is easier if you’ll use these plugins.

    What font are you trying to add?




    The font I want to add is:



    I looked at the plugins and why would I want to pay $12 just to load fonts when I am sure there is a way I can do it myself. The google on sounds interesting, I will look into that one a little more


    Hi sfranks12,

    Not sure what you mean by paying $12 dollars, but google fonts actually provides the raw code for you when using their font chooser here:

    Then you just add it to your header and you can style things with that font.




    It is not necessarily the fonts, but the icons that the Entypo and Fontello offer. The font-loader at WordPress loads fonts, but if you want them compatible with IE you have to pay $12… Can I still use the Google fonts and import the Entypo and Fontello into it, would you happen to know??


    I don’t know no. Loading in fonts is pretty straightforward by itself but if you want to use things like icon fonts it can be a bit more steps depending on what you are doing.

    But we are getting into general web dev questions which aren’t really covered under what we can offer via our support forums. Your best route is to either hire a freelance developer or find a tutorial that can walk you through it.


    Hmm.. Ok.. Will look into that… Thanks….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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