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    I’m using a custom/dynamic template for displaying my portfolio items. It currently has just one element: Post/Page Content, with the following settings:

    Which Content?

    Display the content of this post/page

    Display Title?


    I have Featured Media for every portfolio entry (in the form of a single image). The body of every Portfolio item is simply a YouTube/Vimeo URL.

    What I would like to do: include the featured media image on the individual portfolio page. Is there a way to do this dynamically? As in, some specific function I could add to the “template-dynamic.php” file?

    I guess I could physically add the file a second time to the body of the portfolio item, but I’d like to avoid this. If there’s some dynamic way for me to pull this off, I would appreciate any advice.

    My site is here:

    It’s a little odd, in that I’m using Portfolio items as the main content of my site.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated,



    Hi Felix,

    I’m a bit confused. If you are displaying the portfolio, its showing the featured media on the 4 column display and in the single portfolio item automatically. As seen here: and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /.




    You just need to add the “Slideshow” element to and this element will display the featured images of the current entry (or a specific page id if you set it up to display a specific slideshow).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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