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    I’ve tested this in IE and Firefox, it breaks it slightly differently in each but neither will toggle the first section. All other ones work.

    You can see here http://columbusohiowebdesigns.com/?page_id=50 has the demo content, to verify the bug all I did was add the shortcode for the drop cap before the toggler and save the page. You can click on the first toggle but it will not display the data.


    Very interesting…if you put the shortcode in for the ‘top link’ ([hr top]) after the dropcap shortcode, the togglers will work…if not, they don’t work on the first one. Definitely a bug on this one.



    Agreed, it’s a bug.

    Marked for Kriesi’s attention.

    Best regards,




    Thankss for the notice. I will release an update once I was able to fix the error. Unfortunatley Its a little more tricky than I thought :/




    please drop a line here after the release of the update cause I think there are some more people waiting for it.



    I found a solution that helps for the moment until the bugfix comes via update

    I added this code to the style.css

    #umschliessender {
    overflow: hidden;

    then you have to use this div id to make the text you use before being an own div. after that you can use the first toggle.

    looks like this i. e.

    <div id="umschliessender">

    all the text you want to use before the toggle


    [toggle title='title of the toggle' close='true' ]
    content of the toggle

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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