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    how can I add the cufon font to the h1 and h3 headlines, when using the “headline” element within the template builder?

    Only the h3 headlines have a cufon font within the template builder.




    In your theme folder, please open the functions.php file of the theme

    and on line 141, and 142, delete the no_cufon (see below)

    if($title)  $output .= "<h1 class='special_heading no_cufon'>".$title."</h1>";
    if($subheading) $output .= "<h3 class='subheading no_cufon'>".$subheading."</h3>";

    The no_cufon is also used once on pages loop-index.php, loop-page.php and loop-archive.php in the includes folder, for h1 tags unrelated to headline in the template builder.




    Great, thanks a lot, haven’t thought of the functions.php to look into it, works fine!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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