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    i gotta be missing something.. shouldn’t be this hard. ive added attributes before that use variations for sizes

    (see the drop down at )

    so underneath that i want a simple attribute that says “enter wrist size” and it should be free text the user enters in.

    I’ve so far:

    added new attribute in attributes section. used text as type.

    i did not further define options within this attribute as there are no options to define – its user based.

    on the product of interest, i added an attribute and from the back end i can see “wrist size” as an option. i select that, choose visible on product page yes, select variations no (ive tried yes too) and i save.

    i cant get this to show on the product page.

    Please help..ty!


    Hi zstopa,

    Have you tried deactivating the theme to see if its the WooCommerce plugin or if its theme related?




    no luck


    Hey zstopa,

    So did it work when you switched to another theme or did it not work then either?




    hey! nope..i paused on this issue for a moment. as a worst case i gonna have to use the order notes as a backup for the user to type in their data, but that is kinda lame.

    what i really need is a free form text box area on the product pages, under size if possible.

    this should be popping up automatically by adding a text attribute right? and not used as a variation correct?

    any new thoughts



    Hey zstopa,

    Hmm I’m not sure. The WooCommerce docs might have more information about it but we aren’t able to provide direct support on the plugin functionality.




    understood. but the text attribute by function is suppossed to allow customers to enter in free text on the product page itself, correct?



    I’m not sure honestly. I’ve not delved very deep into the plugins features and the last shop I set up using it was version 1.4 ish so quite a bit has changed since then.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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