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    I realize this is most likely a specific Woocommerce question but I’ll ask anyway… Is it possible to add an option in the cart where the buyer can select it to be added to their order – such as an expedited shipping fee/rush order fee add-on type of thing? If it matters, I’m using the Abundance theme.



    You can tweak the “handling fee” to get the job done.

    I would ask this question on the github woocomerce as it’s a great idea.


    Not sure what you mean; can you explain how I could tweak that? To be more specific, I don’t actually ship any of my items, they’re all virtual. What I’m really needing is an expedited installation/completion option, so it wouldn’t be shipping related. I’m not sure if that changes your answer at all.


    I think I figured out what you were referring to e-citron. Though I don’t think it’s going to work for me.


    ask the question on github…and explain your issue. Chances are someone already needed that and coded it.



    I’d also suggest to post your request here: – as far as I know they’re very responsive when it comes to feature requests. I.e. I suggested a currency converter and 4 weeks later it’s in the plugin repo.


    plugin repo…you mean work in progress right ? I am actively looking for a currency converter too..


    Yes – it seems like they’ll release it soon. I’m not sure if it will be a premium or free plugin/ectension though.


    I’ll post a request there. I do have to say that with Woocommerce, there are a lot of features that I would consider core functionality (such as product add-on options) that should be included but aren’t, or are paid extensions. Plus some just plain obvious features, like the one I’m asking about, that are missing.

    Edit: added an issue, but I can’t seem to label it as a feature request. I’m guessing this may be due to having only a free account, so I don’t have access to that feature. Am I missing something?


    Mike Jolley from Woocommerce closed my issue request, and directed me to their paid extension for product add-ons (which I already have, and is another feature that I would consider to be a core function that shouldn’t be a paid extension). I’m explaining that’s not what I’m referring to – don’t want to have to add this type of option (such as a gift wrap option, or expedited processing, as examples) which wouldn’t work correctly anyway, as it would charge this on every item in the order.


    Maybe the devs can tag it as feature request, improvement, bug fix, etc. – I’m not sure because I’ve never used the github request system but contacted Adii directly.

    I can understand your point of view however I know that the woothemes devs put a lot of effort into their plugin and obviously nobody works for free. Especially the lead devs are paid well (at least I read that in several woocommerce discussion threads) and they need to finance the work somehow. I think the approach of woothemes is quite good because users with very small shops (3-10 items) won’t need any premium plugins because they won’t care about “payment gateways” or “professional product presentation”. However if your shop grows you need to pay the devs and finance their efforts – you would also need to pay a sales assistants, etc. in a “real” shop – they wouldn’t work for free too…

    Especially if someone plans to sell a bunch of products with woocommerce I think the premium extension prices are more than fair – but just my 2 cents…


    I definitely understand your point. I would be quite happy paying a one-time fee up front for more robust functionality, vs paying even more to “extend” it to do things it IMHO should already do But that’s not their business model, and it is what it is, which is fair. And I will also add that overall I am very happy with it, all things considered.

    After providing some further info and asking for it to be reopened as a feature request, Mike J. did so. So we’ll see what happens!


    I agree with Dude on this one, it’s interesting to see where this is going so keep us updated :)


    Will do. Interestingly enough, I’ve seen several posts on the Woothemes support forum today where users are complaining pretty loudly about lack of certain functionality.

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