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    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to ad an “ad banner” in one/several category(ies)?

    I don’t want to add it as a post, but to remain as the top of all the posts in a given category page. I use a short code to do this in pages, and it works fine, but I can’t figure out how to do it in category(ies).

    This is the plugin I’m using:

    It works fine in the side bar and in individual pages.

    The short code to place ad zones in a single page is this:

    [pro_ad_display_adzone id="X"]


    They also provide a code for a fixed place in the site (I haven’t used this one because it is not what I need, but I copy it here just in case):

    <?php if( function_exists( 'pro_ad_display_adzone' ) ) echo pro_ad_display_adzone( 5 ); ?>

    And the instructions to use the latter:

    ” Template tag:

    If you want to use this ad zone on a fixed place inside your website, you can use this Template tag. Just copy the function into your website template, there where you want to show the banners.”


    Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to ad an “ad banner” (ad zone) in the header, let’s say above the menu?

    Thanks. Take care,



    Hi Nomar,

    You would place the php code into the archive.php file. Probably just after:

    <div class='container template-blog '>

    or the next line after that depending on where you want it to show.

    For the header, you would add that php code into the header.php just after the logo gets called. However, it would have to be modified with some css since you would be putting it inside that whole containers layout. Additionally, if you put it inside other php, you need to remove the opening and closing php from that function ( the <?php and ?> ).




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks so much. I’ll try this today and will let you know the outcome.

    Take care,



    That worked. Thanks. ;o)

    However, I just noticed that for some reason, these banners are not going along with the “responsive” feature of the theme…


    1. Which code should I use to add the default (Adaptavia) Slider instead of this banner in categories (and should I paste it in the same place/file)?

    2. Is there a code I should add to force the banner to behave with the “responsive” feature of the theme (if so, how)?

    3. Is there a way to display the default (Adaptavia) Slider at a given point within the content instead of at the top of a page (i.e. at the middle or at the buttom), and if so, how?

    4. I know we can link images in the Slider to a page, but is there a way to add url links to an external website in a – target=”_blank” – window (if so, how)?




    Hi Nomar,

    Unfortonetly a good bit of that is beyond what we can help with via support. Getting the banner to work with the responsive design could be as simple as adding a 100% width to its container or require individual changes for media queries at each device size.

    The categories sections aren’t capable of having a slideshow attached to them. The slideshow has to be populated by a page or post, so the best you could do would be to have a template from the Template builder that shows a single category of blog posts and a slideshow element above that.

    This goes for question 3 as well, you can insert a slideshow within content through a template builder template but not just inside the visual editor via a shortcode or anything.

    4) Not that I know of no. It may be able to be changed for all slideshow slides where the option for the link has been set to manual, but it would apply sitewide since its all the same class.




    Well, thanks anyway;

    I appreciate your help, and will try what you suggest with the template builder.

    Take care,


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