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    I found another thread for the theme Agular and followed the directions but it did not work. I really want to replace dribble with you tube. How do I do this?




    Quick hack without changing php would be

    1. Copy an Existing Icon ( this is so the hover works with your new icon)
    2. Change the icon in Paint.Net/Gimp to youtube (normal state and hover state)
    3. Upload the Icon somewhere on your site
    4. Navigate to sentence/css/layout.css find

      .social_bookmarks .dribbble{background-image: url(../images/layout/icon-dribbble.png);}

    5. Replace with .dribbble{background-image: url(../images/layout/icon-youtube.png);}(icon-youtube being the one you’ve uploaded somewhere) :

    Hope this helps.



    Hi Jodie,

    What part did you get stuck on? The header.php editing or the css?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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