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    How can we add a url link to individual images, while maintaining your shop image style? We tried using your “product” element, (and like the presentation), but see no way to add a URL to each image.

    We need product images to lead to their respective product category pages (not just the product detail pages), because we will have one page dedicated to each category. (i.e. a shoe image in our “products by category” section would lead to a page that shows all shoes in our store, and a hat image would lead to a page that shows all hats.)

    There doesn’t appear to be a way to add url links to images loaded into the product section, only randomly generated images, based on categories chosen.

    We really love the shop feel of your product element. However, the only functional way to show an image with url was your logo/partner wall, that generates cropped images that don’t have your shop style image thumbnails.

    What are we missing?



    In reviewing this post, I realize I was not very clear in communicating what our problem is, but I did not see a way to delete or edit the post. So, please ignore this post. I will re-state the question under another thread.

    Thank you,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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