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    I want to add a (hover) tooltip to my social media icons.

    I have tried without the external plugins via wordpress, but they don’t work properly…

    So for instance, How do I add a tooltip for the facebook icon?



    Hi Kiwy,

    Do you mean like a title/alt tag or something more like a javascript tooltip effect? If its a javascript effect, you would need to re-do the file for the social icons in includes>helper-social-media.php to use the effect you want and add a function into the functions.php to enque the script needed for the effect.




    Hi Devin,

    It is more a Alt/title code. So If I hover over the “facebook” icon. The alt text will show “Go to facebook”.

    I have tried to do it on a javascript style. The code I tried was Line 74 in includes>helper-social-media.php $html .= "<".$this->args['inside']. "class='".$this->args['class']."_".$icon['social_icon']."alt='go to the .$icon['social_icon']"."'>"; But that didn’t do the trick.

    I think its easier to add the Alt/title. Do you know where I can add that?


    Right idea but instead replace:

    $html .= "<a href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";


    $html .= "<a title='".$icon['social_icon']."' href='".$icon['social_icon_link']."'>".ucfirst($icon['social_icon'])."</a>";




    Ah ofcourse, think html >.< Title within an url! Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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