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    Please have a look at my site:

    I have been developing this site for a while and now I pushed it onto a live domain and now the “overlays” Detail and add to Cart buttons that appear when you hover with the mouse over a product have suddenly disappeared. Also the product detail view (changing the quantity of the product have gone missing) I copied everything 1:1 and must admit, that I am a little confused… It would be great if you could take a look and tell me what went wrong and how to fix it?!

    Thanks in advance for your support.


    This is really strange. In Safari the problem presists, in Chrome it seems to have disappeared after clearing the cache and in Firefox it comes and goes… Any Ideas? I cleared the browser cache in all browsers.

    On a related matter: Do you have a clue why not all translations are shown? When I add an item to the cart and go to check out, the text: “If you have shopped with us before, please enter your details in the boxes below…blalbalala” is in English, although there is a corresponding german translation?



    I looked at this page in IE9, FF, Chrome on Win 7 – – and I see the overlays. Since they stopped making safari for windows I can’t tell you about it.

    The + 1 – quantity on product pages are there for me on all 3 browsers.

    I couldn’t find the translate button anywhere so I am not sure about the translations, but I have a feeling it may have something to do with your inability to see even quantity or overlays. Reinstall the browsers.




    Thank you Nick for your fast support! :) You guys are really great, which is why I recommend Kriesis themes to everyone I meet.

    I reinstalled the Browser and the Problem is gone. Sorry for Bothering you with that.

    The Translation bug remains: If you add a Product to the cart and then proceed to check out. There is a Text in German:

    Haben Sie sich schon angemeldet? Klicken Sie hier, um sich einzuloggen. (Already registered?, Click here to login)

    This Translation comes from the woocommerce translation po file. When you Click on “Klicken Sie hier, um sich einzuloggen” the drop down menu appears where you can login but the corresponding text is in English although it also has a german translation in the woocommerce file? How can that be? Any idea how to change that.


    What ever I fixed the language bug by hard coding the translation into the woocommerce form-login.php.

    Problem resolved…

    ….for the time being. ;)


    Great that you were able to take care of that. We do our best and appreciate your kind words. If you need help again, we are always here.



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