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    Today I noticed a problem with one of my sites.

    Basically, when you add a product to cart, the page refreshes and the green confirmation area says successfully added to cart – the cart section in the top right is even updated.

    However, when I click go to cart it tells me that the cart is empty.

    I thought this might be a compatibility issue so I updated to the latest version of the theme but this has not changed anything.

    It’s been working for many months and it seems to have developed a problem without any updates to the theme, core or plugins.

    Please can you advise.



    Hi fredgibson,

    Without a bit more information I can’t say for sure what might have suddenly caused the issue. Its most likely an update to WordPress which caused an incompatibility with another plugin. Make sure you are running WordPress v3.4 and WooCommerce 1.5.

    Don’t update to WooCommerce 1.6 however as I believe there are some issues with it and the theme which will need to be addressed by Kriesi.

    Also check to see if any server settings have changed or even permissions on your files. If you have a link to the site we can take a look and see if anything can be determined by inspecting the code or looking at the site.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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