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    So when my “add to cart” disappeared whenever I had a variable product, I first made sure I had pricing in every variable and then, when that did not correct the issue, I turned off all my plugins. It turned out my W3 Total Cache plugin was the problem, unfortunately; with it deactivated, the Add to Cart appears at, and when it’s activated, it disappears.

    I’m just wondering whether anyone knows of any settings I can use in W3 Total Cache that might resolve this issue. I’d really like to be using it but not if it breaks WooCommerce on the Replete theme.

    Also just thought I would let others know why their button disappeared… being a beginner with WooCommerce, it took me a while to realize I hadn’t simply done something wrong in the attributes and variables area!


    Hi kaylesimon,

    When using WooCommerce its typically recommended to only use the minification of the javascript/css files. Although with WP Super Cache I know WooThemes added some specific direction to tell that plugin not to cache any of the WooCommerce pages so you can also try it out instead.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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