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    Hi, I purchased Replete theme and it is great. My website is

    1. The problem I have is when I tried “Add to Cart” the item displayed on homepage on IE 10 or mobile, there is no item added to the shopping cart (which works great on Chrome).

    Can you give me a hint to resolve this problem?

    2. Is there any way to add multiple language for my site like google translate for website plugin?

    Thank you!


    Hi trungct902,

    Unfortunately the theme has not been able to be tested on IE10 yet. It is still relatively new enough that Kriesi will need to get a workspace to test for it and then update on what fixes are needed.

    You can try using a widget that automatically changes the page via google translate or look into using WPML which the theme has built in support for. You may need to create the translation file yourself depending on the language though.




    Thank you for your answer.

    I find out that when adding product from homepage on iPhone or iPad, there is no item added on shopping cart. So the shopping cart shows 0.00$, however when I click on other page such as About Us or some category page, the cart shows the exact amount. In my opinion, I think it is only Homepage page have problem. I hope you can show me the way to fix it.

    Thank you.


    This may be behavior that isn’t “fixable”. The cart updates with a bit of ajax and it just may not work on iOS (I don’t have a device to test and can’t say for sure one way or another).

    When you move to another page the cart would be updated based on the recently added items so it would then definitely reflect in the cart anywhere that the cart data is displayed.

    If you can try out the demo site and see if it does or does not have the same behavior you are describing that would be my guess on what it is supposed to do.





    I changed the Responsive Layout to Fixed and it fixed iOS bug.

    However, still a bug on IE10 window 8. When I add item from the page which is NOT product detail page, no item is added.

    Moreover, when I add product from product detail page the website redirects me to check-out page as normal. However when I click “Processed to check out” the payment method is disappear while there are still have field for shipping and billing information. So, I guess my customer can not purchase from IE10 specifically in window 8 (I don’t have chance to try it on win 7 or xp)

    In conclusion, I think there are a compatibility issue with IE10. I hope you and your team can work on it in next update. Or if there are any issue for this bug, please let me know.




    Hi Eric,

    I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi.




    Hey! Actually I cant re produce any of the issues, neither on your demo site nor on my own. i tested it with IE10 on Win7 and also with mi IOS6 on my ipad. products are added to the cart just as they should be. Only thing i notices is that it sometimes takes a little time but this might be due to the response speed of the ajax request.

    Other than that it worked fine for me.


    Thanks for you responding. I notice that in mobile layout there are no search box and log-in field. Is there any solution for me? If not, I hope you can improve it in next version of this theme. Otherwise, the theme is excellent





    You can show it back but I’d rather not because it takes up a lot of space and kinda ruin the layout of Replete theme. Please try this on your custom.css

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    .responsive .sub_menu{display:block; position: absolute; right: 10px; margin-top: 20px}

    .responsive .header_meta{position: relative; margin:0; top:0; display:block;}
    .responsive .header_meta #searchform {display:block;}




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