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    Hi KirinDesign,

    Kindly open header.php and find this line of code:

    echo "<div class='main_menu' data-selectname='".__('Select a page','avia_framework')."'>";

    above it, add this:

    ?><div class="slogan">Text under the logo</div><?php

    Just replace the text, and add some styling in either Quick CSS or custom.css.




    Open up framework/php/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .php and look for following code:

    * return the logo of the theme. if a logo was uploaded and set at the backend options panel display it
    * otherwise display the logo file linked in the css file for the .bg-logo class
    * @return string the logo + url
    function avia_logo()
    if($logo = avia_get_option('logo'))
    $logo = "<img src=".$logo." alt='' />";
    $logo = "<h1 class='logo'><a href='".home_url('/')."'>".$logo."</a></h1>";
    $logo = get_bloginfo('name');
    $logo = "<h1 class='logo bg-logo'><a href='".home_url('/')."'>".$logo."</a></h1>";

    return $logo;

    You can add your text below following line:

    $logo = "<h1 class='logo'><a href='".home_url('/')."'>".$logo."</a></h1>";


    $logo = "<h1 class='logo'><a href='".home_url('/')."'>".$logo."</a></h1>";
    $logo .= '<p class="logotext">My custom text</p>';

    and instead of “My custom text” insert your text.


    Thanks – both work to get the text there, but both also present issues. The former, when padding is added, pushes everything around it in all directions rather than moving it. The latter (into the framework files) moves around the logo in a way that I can’t get formatted well. Any other ideas? If not, I’ll just stick with it as it is for now.

    Thanks again!



    You can change the line in Dude’s response above from

    $logo .= '<p class="logotext">My custom text</p>';


    $logo .= '<div class="logotext_wrapper"><p class="logotext">My custom text</p></div>';

    This way you can position and style the text anyway you want.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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