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    I am using a theme which does not display the regular price of a product on the category page of products is the product is on sale. So I have for example two iPhone products with these prices:

    Product A (iPhone charger) is $50

    Product B (iPhone cover) normal price is $60 but current sale price is $30.

    On the page for iPhone products are product A and product B. The prices shown on the page are $50 for product A, and $30 for product B. When I click on product B and get to the product page, I can also see the regular price of $60 which is shown in grey color. The sale price which applies is shown in green so it is clear which price the product has. I would like to add this regular price on the product overview pages as well.

    So my desired situation is that on the overview of iPhone products you see this:

    Product A $50

    Product B $60 SALE PRICE $30

    See for an example this page:

    The ‘Max Cap’ product is on sale. You see both the regular and the sale price. How can I achieve this? I am using the Abundance theme.

    Thanks in advance.


    I am using WooCommerce (will upgrade later on)


    Hi cevandermeij,

    This is currently the default behavior for the theme+plugin. See

    You may need to download an update of the theme from your downloads on Themeforest in the same way that you originally downloaded the theme.

    I would not advise using an older version of WooCommerce if you are using v1.2+ of Abundance as it could cause the theme to break.




    Hi Devin, thanks. I already solved the issue by updating WooCommerce and modifying a small piece of their code.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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