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    I have added divs to the header for the client’s phone numbers, social icons and the Google +1 and Facebook like buttons. I have two issues going on with it.

    1) my div container is beneath the header at the top of the slider

    2) the social icon images are missing but they are there

    On Chrome the missing image symbol appears in a nice line where the icons should be. On Firefox and IE9 there is just a blank space where the inline row of the 8 icons should be sitting.

    I have fought with it for many hours. I don’t get it! What’s wrong here?




    I have checked your page and your social icon images(blank images as I see them) are aligned vertically. Here are the initial solutions that I think can help you.

    1.) In your style.css, change the #contactbar_icons width from 35px to 180px.

    2.) Try to replace the “(double quote) to ‘(single quote) and if possible try to change add the url in the src.

    I have found this line of code in your site:

    <a href="”"><img src="”icon-tw.png”" /></a>

    Just replace it with this:

    <a href=''><img src='' /></a>

    Hope it helps. :)

    Best Regards,



    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks! A little alignment adjusting and the social icons will sit where they’re supposed to. Not liking the icons but that has nothing to do with you.

    A couple more little things and this will be completed properly.

    1) Why is the top box in the menu dropdown suddenly a few pixels narrower than the ones beneath it? See About and Services.

    2) The portfolio filter buttons have now evaporated? Where did they go?!! Can’t seem to figure this out. There’s 2 rows of them on this site.

    3) No matter how many hours I spent or code edits I’ve tried, I cannot get a hover color in the upper footer links. Finally got it so they aren’t almost invisible but now the RSS feed blog titles are not visible from the rest of the text in the right column. Mouseover shows them but they won’t change color even though there is a mouseover color present on the stylesheet. This problem has been going on for about the last 18 months since I first put Avisio on this client’s site. This is the best the links down there have looked. Now If I could just make it so they have a bold font and a mouseover color I’ll be happy. Can’t get too crazy with color down here – many tones are not easy to read on this background.

    Thanks for your help. This theme is most argumentative on customization.


    Hi Mobetta,

    1) There is a 1 pixel border on the list items in the menu except for the first on in the list. You can change that by searching for:

    #top .nav li:first-child a{

    In your style.css and removing the border:none .

    2. I’m not sure. Have you installed any new plugins or made any additional changes in the template_portfolio.php file?

    3. You might not have been targeting the links correctly. Try:

    `#rss-just-better-2.widget a{

    color: red;


    #rss-just-better-2.widget a:hover {

    color: blue;





    Hi Devin,

    Yes on the added plugin – RSS Just Better. The built in RSS widget makes a link out of the widget title too. Which is fine if you can read the links but has never been possible thanks to issue #4. Its the only reason why I hunted down a different rss plugin. The client has never been happy with this part of his site and support here has not found a way to help me overcome this bug of link colors versus text colors in the upper footer vs. the real footer.

    I’ll try deactivating the plugin, but for what its worth – the amount of effort here in the footer design is long past ridiculous without reasonable happy medium.

    This theme has issues! Much of the items listed earlier all all due to adding divs to the header for important business needs. Something so simple as header phone number and social icons or the Google +1/Facebook Like votes button scripts should never be the cause of so much angst. Neither should being able to have a different color link text or hover in the upper versus the lower footer.


    Hi Mobetta,

    Sorry you’re having such a time over the theme. As far as the footer goes, you should be to change the link colors by defining the exact DIV the link falls under.

    To explain, the footer is divided into two DIVs #footer_inside and #footer_outside. The #footer_inside is the widest/top area. The #footer_outside is the narrow/bottom area. By default, all the footer link colors are defined by line 15 of your style1.css which uses this CSS declaration #top .footer a.

    Now to override this you would add this code to your stylesheet.

    #top .footer #footer_inside a {
    color: #ff6600;
    #top .footer #footer_inside a:hover {
    color: #ff6600;
    #top .footer #footer_outside a {
    color: #ff6600;
    #top .footer #footer_outside a:hover {
    color: #ff6600;

    If for some reason that doesn’t work add !important out to the side of the color value.

    Like this: color:#ff6600 !important;

    Or you can always remove #top .footer a from your stylesheet then add the four snippets from above.

    To make the links bold you would use this:


    I think you said in the top footer so it would be something like this:

    #top .footer #footer_inside a {
    color: #ff6600;

    By the way, when reviewing your code I noticed that you had the inline style style=”font-color:#a99b84 important!” placed in the copyright. Just so you know in CSS you don’t use font-color you use color and it’s !important not important!. I believe you were trying to change the text color so I thought I would point it out. You can also use this:

    .footer #footer_outside {

    Hope this helps!




    @ Devin – no it is not the RSS Just Better plugin causing chaos with the portfolio filter. Also I have done nothing with the portfolio as far as customization goes yet. The only changes we wish to make here is to tone down the filter buttons and remove the sort by date etc line from the teaser bar as it is irrelevant to this business’ portfolio posts. Also, adding the customization to the RSS plugin links works great in plain named colors. Once you add a hex color number to both a and hover, only the a color show whether hover or not as you can see in my code and what is happening on the footer atm.

    @mya – I have altered the code for this footer area many times and everything I have tried refuses to work. Currently it has been restored to almost an exact copy of the original #3 stylesheet, which is where I left off pulling out my hair last weekend.

    The only reason that the span style is there is that at one point I hoped that would overcome this battle with the code. It didn’t do anything no matter where I placed the ! and I just forgot to remove it. Some themes do recognize the font-color direction, obviously this is not one of them. If switching it to just color works… hallelujah! I will once again try to get the one remaining argumentative link in the footer under testimonials to look like a link instead of standard text this weekend. That the lower footer row of navigation links doesn’t change on hover is not important. I’m over fighting with that area and it will suffice.

    Finally I come back to the header where no social icons or vote buttons are clickable, along with any nav bar links with child pages. The adding of a border does not make the first child tab in the drop down line up with the rest. Currently I believe it is set to 5px and the width still refuses to budge. The missing portfolio filter buttons has something to do with adding the phone and social icon contact bar to the header too. They were there until this area was properly in place above the nav bar.


    Just to let you know, I have solved all issues finally. It took the long awaited assistance of a code magician though. The problems with the navigation in both the sub menu of the header nav bar and the portfolio filters was caused by the way the menus were hardcoded originally. Some very complex fixes had to be done to the code. Not a customization friendly theme.

    Thanks for your attempt to assist.



    Great – I’ll close this thread now.



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