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    I would like to add a new font to my website, the fonts is “Lucida Sans Unicode”

    I have browsed the forum but cant find the info

    1) from were can i import it or find?

    2) can i put it in the quick CSS or do i need to save it some were else?

    3) how do make this the default font, so that the vistors computer chooses this font before say, Ariel

    4) is there any negative issues using Lucida Sans Unicode with a reponsive design?

    thanks for your help!

    John Carrier


    Hi John,

    That font you would have to add via a free plugin, just search for ‘font’ here (; since it is not part of the hundreds of Google fonts (, i believe it can’t be automatically added. Otherwise you could add it to the theme’s css file.




    Hi Nick

    I have now down loaded the font.

    How do I make it my default font for my main_menu and sub_menu?





    Do you have ttf or otf file for Lucida Sans? And another oef file for IE?

    You need to create a new folder and name it fonts and copy the font files there. Now, add this on your custom.css

    font-family: Lucida San Unicode;
    src: local( Lucida San Unicode ), url('''')

    I think you may be able to use the Lucida fonts now. Sometimes fonts will not show up on the user screens if they don’t have the font files. You may have to use web fonts from google or font squirrel like Nick said.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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