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    Okay so after trying to get the location added to the image tooltip, I came along this Plugin that works but only for the default WP gallery

    The download is on that page two, in fact there is a wealth of information on her fine blog / site about EXIF and META…

    As usual though I could not integrate the plugin with the theme tooltip.

    If any one wants to have a bash.. please please let me know how you get on, because this is one feature that im dying to get added to the flashlight theme ;-)


    Based on the documentation I guess that this is not a complex task – eg you can try to replace following code in flashlightincludeshelper-slideshow.php:

    if(isset($exif_data['description'][1])) $desc = strip_tags($exif_data['description'][1]);


    if(isset($exif_data['description'][1])) $desc = strip_tags($exif_data['description'][1]);
    $exif_data['aperture'][1] = exifography_display_exif('aperture',$this->image_array['id'][$key]);
    $exif_data['shutter'][1] = exifography_display_exif('shutter',$this->image_array['id'][$key]);
    $exif_data['iso'][1] = exifography_display_exif('iso',$this->image_array['id'][$key]);


    I got there in the end, bit more complicated than that edit above to be honest ;-)

    You can see it in action on my site >> http://www.jamespictures.co.uk/portfolio-item/exploring-jersey/

    Its now perfect for my personal needs, great little addition.

    Notice the Location: 49° 10.7836′ 0″ 2° 14.4276′ 0″ tagged on to the bottom of the images with GPS EXIF info, which opens a popup to Google Maps where the Pic was taken

    All coded into the file flashlightincludeshelper-slideshow.php file, so I just have to remember when updating not to overwrite that file !! lol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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