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    My client would like the info_text_header/Avia Banner to stay open all the time as it is not an ecommerce site. They would like to add the Google Translate shortcode to that top banner. I’ve installed the plugin but can’t quite figure out how to fit the code into that top banner. I’m sure it is something obvious, but would be grateful for your help. I’m using the Propulsion theme.
    Thank you!


    Hi 40eleven!

    You can remove the close button to keep the top banner open. Add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS:

    .close_info_text.rounded {
    display: none;

    You can insert the google translate code on functions.php, find this code then place the google translate code below it:

    $output .= "<div class='$extraClass container_wrap info_text_header' id='info_text_header' data-hash='$bannerHash' data-cookiename='$cookieName'><div class='container no_css_transition'>";



    Hi Ismael

    I’d like to do the same to Recently the google translate has disappeared from the header on the schools website running windows 7 ie 9 – when I view it on my computers (windows 7 home premium ie 9, chrome and osx 10.6/7/8 FF SAFARI, CHROME it works???).

    The insist they haven’t touched anything apart from updating pages, only I had to let them have admin to update the banner (maybe this should be accessible as an editor in future choices updates cos its a handy thing for school secretaries to use for stop press type info like “the school is closed” etc.

    The only thing that differs is they are using Pro or enterprise edition whilst I’m using home premium. There hasn’t been a problem until now and no updates have been applied (although I did update the google plugin today to see if it made a difference – no joy).

    It’s very hard to fix when I can’t see the problem my end – here’s a screengrab of what they see

    As a possible solution to this I’d like to do what you have advised 40eleven to do only in choices/functions.php, I don’t see the $output .=………………code you have provided above. I currently have it placed in header.php. but it seems to be pushed off screen or not there at all. (only on the schools computers). Everywhere else (that I have checked) it functions as expected.

    Can you help with regards to where I should place the code in functions.php and the accompanying css to target (if it differs from above)





    Google dropped the support for IE9 at the end of 2013: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .html – this probably affects the google translate service too.

    Choces does not support a banner (i.e. like Propulsion) and thus you can’t follow Ismaels suggestion. I suggest to place your Google translate code into header.php – i.e. below following line

    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png');


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