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    i imported posts from my old blog to my test server with the shoutbox theme.

    in my old theme, i didn’t use “featured media” or “thumbnails” in posts.

    since shoutbox relies on these to generated previews and “related post” images,

    i don’t have those….

    pls have a look, for ex. my video page will only be text without preview.

    Obviously i don’t want to go and edit 980 posts to manually insert “featured media”.

    right now there is only 1 vid in the preview because i added it manually.

    Second problem with videos: if i add a video through a post under “featured media” it shows

    up in the single post in a very odd format of like 600x 200.

    pls advise – appreciate any help as we are going live early next week.



    in the meantime…do you at least have any suggestions about problem 2 as above:

    if i add a video in a post under “featured media” it shows

    up a very odd format of like 600x 200. pls see here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -trailer/

    I have not altered any code. I just copy and paste the youtube video as is.

    I’m assuming that the video should display in full size by default?

    pls advise


    yayy :-) i figured out the second problem above. When uploading a video we are supposed to select the “image size” medium in “image slideshow”. would be helpful if you wrote that in there!

    but the first problem is still there.



    I’m sorry but it’s not easily possible to set content videos as “featured media”. Why? Because it would require a custom function which extracts the video urls out of the content (i.e. with regex but it depends on the video service you use) and some major changes to the framework files like includes/helper-slideshow.php etc. which are very time intensive and beyond the scope of this support forum.


    finally i found a plugin who can do thumbnails from videos. It’s called “video thumbnails”.


    Thanks for letting us know :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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