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    Hey! I would like to add small text and a link to the footer at the very bottom similar to all of Kriesi’s other themes. I realize the copyright can be placed in the footer under the contact button but I would like text at the bottom like the Avisio theme has so I can place my link there:

    Design by – WordPress Themes

    Thank you!!


    All you need to do is define a block in footer for your copyright text and add there anything you wish.

    Lets define a block in css.


    width: 960px; /* Default width */

    height: 30px; /* Change it to your desired height */

    margin: 0 auto; /* This will centralize our div */



    clear: both; /*This will clear both sides */


    Now go to footer.php file. Add the following code inside footerwrap and footer div (Just after end of footer div). Customize text as you wish.


    <div class="clear"><!-- empty div --></div>

    <div id="ccopy">

    Say Hello <!-- Your desired text -->


    Hope this will help.




    I cant find footerwrap OR footer DIV in footer.php! Am I missing something?


    The #footerwrap and #footer div’s are in the latest version of Display (currently 2.0) and the footer file should have this code at the top of the page:

    <div class='wrapper' id='footerwrap'>

    <div id='footer'>
    <div class='footer_widgets'>

    If you need to update the theme, login to your Theme Forest account and re-download the theme, then upload to your site .


    Thanks James. If I update the theme will this replace the entire theme folder to where I will have to alter all files again, upload images etc? or is it truly an update where media files etc will be retained? Thanks!


    The themes folder should be deleted and replaced completely by the updated themes folder. Your wordpress database and media gallery (uploads) won’t be affected in any way.Please make a backup of your old modified files.

    The Dude

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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