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    I purchased your theme and i want to put an image in my entire footer.

    When i edit the css style1.css or just de .css file my image only shows up at the homepage.

    I want the image to display over the total width of the website on all pages and not only on the homepage.

    It seems the footer on the other pages get overruled by some CSS.

    I also can’t find where u could chanche the color of the entire footer, otherwise i could just replace that with an backgroundimage.

    If i add the following code to my style1.css :



    } it doesn’t change the footer on all the pages, but only on the homepage.

    Could you tell my where i could change the css for the entire footer and why it only changes on my homepage when i edit the .css?



    Try to replace ../images/skin1/footer.jpg with an absolute url – eg: and instead of insert your domain name.

    Best regards,



    Yes i did that already. Didn’t work either. Any other ideas? website is:


    If i put the entire url into my style1.css the image disapears even on the homepage and the footer is on all the pages black again. It only works when u put




    into my style1.css and than it only works for the homepage.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Thanks in advance dude


    This brings up my image in my browser

    When i put this in my style1.css then i also get it only on the homepage.

    Sorry for the multiple messages, but i’m just trying stuff ;)


    h j3, scuse me for the off topic but what slider do you use on you site? is not the original slider of display theme


    No prob, but this slider came with the display theme.


    The css is showing incorrectly when I view it and has an extra / in it. Make sure when you paste the code in its as plain text with no hidden characters. So it should be:

    background-image: url(;




    Hey Devin,

    Thanks, but it still doens’t work.

    It only shows de footerimage on the homepage and not on the rest of the pages.

    I did put those CSS in it. Didn’t work.

    Any other ideas?



    Hi j3v9h11,

    I checked your site and this is the css code that you have placed in style1.css:

    #footerwrap.wrapper {
    background-image: url(;

    Kindly use the code Devin posted (footer.jpg is missing and was changed into .jpg).




    Hey Ismael,

    Yes You’re right. I did that on purpose, because it only shows on the mainpage.

    To prove it did not work i have paste the code like Devin posted in my style1.css

    As you can see, de background image in de footer, only shows up at the homepage and not on all of the other pages.

    That´s why i deleted just the word footer in my style1.css, so that all the pages had a black footer. I could have deleted the entire #footerwrap.wrapper, but i just deleted the word footer.

    But the problem still exists, when i paste


    background-image: url(;


    In my style1.css it still only shows the footer background image on the homepage.

    I hope you´ve a solution,

    Thanks in advance,


    Job van Harn


    Allright problem already solved. I will explain how it works for other users of this theme:

    This CSS did the trick

    #footerwrap, #subpage #footerwrap{

    background-image: url(;

    background-attachment: fixed;

    background-repeat: repeat-x;

    background-position: left bottom;


    There are two different CSS lines for the footer, the one on the homepage, and the one for the subpages. The color is easy to change but if you’re gonna use an background-image you need to give it a position. Otherwise you don’t see a damn thing and the footer will be white. Postition: left bottom; will set the image in the right place and displays the footer image on all the subpages of the theme.



    Glad you found a solution :)



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