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    I created a new custom post in Avisio but now there is no “Additional page/post options” field where to add the additional headline.

    Is there any way I can add that text through custom fields? If not, how would I do it?



    You can use following fuunction to display post meta data: – eg you can insert it in single.php.

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    I don’t get it! :(

    What’s the $meta_values name in avisio for the additional headline that I have to set? And where do I set it? In single.php ?

    Could you give me a short example?

    Thank you!


    My problem in detail:

    1. With Content Types I’ve created a new post type called: “MyPostType”

    2. For this post type I’ve created a custom meta box called: “Additional post options” with a text field with the id “myheadline”

    How do I make the text I insert in this meta box display as the additional headline?

    PS. I created the custom meta box because the one titled “Additional page/post options” that shows in the theme’s regular pages/posts doesn’t show up on my custom Post Type


    Hi ovistomih,

    The link Peter provided should give you the details needed to display your own meta fields into the custom post type you’ve created. The simple loop example specifically shows how to insert the code into the loop:

    What you’ll need to do though, is create a new if statement in the header.php to check for your new post type and display the new custom field in the same spot as the themes.

    The additional headline of the theme is not a simple custom field so you wouldn’t be able to just add the same named custom field to a new post type.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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